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Saturday, March 26, 2011

looking up alex chiu on youtube...

after finding a'misa chiu on youtube, i wanted to look up alex chiu. first finding was very bizarre... a man who invented an immortality ring and started a new religion..

but here's more what i was looking for:

haha. oh, and here's some tunes i've been into:
the go! team - rolling blackouts

go in peace.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

new link in my very, very short chain. yes. think what you want, dirty...

sometime last week, i started (another) account with deviant art. after a little prodding from some people, i finally went through with it. anyhow, i think i'll end up using that now as my main platform for releasing art updates. it really is too bad, though, because i really like the banner i designed for this place...
no-it's not just that, it's also that i feel like this site belongs to me because of the ability to kind of design it a little. the only thing about this place is that it doesn't garner as much popularity as places like DA. also, this is not as tailored to artists as DA

deviant art link

Saturday, August 28, 2010

a strange dream

a very strange dream, in which i was a thief and a lakers basketball player... the people included in the dream were my grandparents and richard

it started with me pulling a heist with richard. there was a place infested with zombie-like creatures guarding valuable treasure. i think it was underwater. anyways, we had just stolen some very valuable stuff and were driving away when cops pulled up behind us, sirens blaring. when we came to a stop, richard said to 'be calm'. i was freaking out, but remained calm. it was when they called us out of the car that things went wrong. we had our hands were raised, but richard suddenly attacked one of the cops, knocking him out. seeing how the situation had developed, i knocked out the other one right after. i didn't see, however, the second cop car that had come for assistance. richard opened fire and they pulled away and escaped, tires screeching. not good.

needing a place to lay low for a while, we went back to the city of our safehouses which, for me, meant where my grandparents lived. needing to do something else to kill the time, i put on my black jersey. the white number i cannot remember... i think there was a was double digits... but i am on the Lakers basketball team!??! we play at this small stadium with an entrance like a chapel. it is more dark inside than i had imagined, after watching their games on the tele. the game goes on, we are doing well. the coach (who isn't phil jackson for some reason)sends me out to play. i know that im not a very good player, so my heart is racing. and this ends up true. even in the dream, i suck. i suck the same as real life. despite this grievous handicap, we end up winning the game, which nets me some medals and a little bit of anger with some fans. theyre yelling at me for how lucky i am and such. knowing that i need to rendezvous with the thief group very soon, i beat a hasty retreat out the doors, pushing my way through a crowded exit.

i travel throught the streets of the city, one that looks a little like toontown mixed with steampunk. the buildings are mostly made of brick, the floor cobblestone and tile, wooden signs hanging in front of shops. there are a lot of people. i finally make it back home, the first thing i do is take off my hot, sweaty jersey. i say hi to grandma, who's lying down. she says to say hi to grandpa, who is also lying down, and i do. he looks tired until i share the news of our victory with him, when he suddenly props up and proclaim that we take pictures (he is proud of me). putting his arm over my shoulders, we walk to the living room. i support him so that he won't fall. strangely enough, there is someone else on the other side, a shadowy figure also supporting him. he appears to be someone my granfather knows, so i disregard it. as grandma snaps shots, grandpa mentions that a trophy came in the mail, so we look for it under a pile of letters to find that it is a plaque, but for someone else... when all is done, i bid them farewell as i leave the house and make for the rendezvous point.

there are about 6 or 7 of us. i didnt take count and neither did i really talk to anyone there but richard, the leader. apparently, he plans to hit the underwater zombie place again, this time he knows of a crate of unclaimed treasure that went under. all that was needed was a little explosion and teamwork hauling it out. it was not long before i find myself underwater, staring at said crate with the crew. one of the guys had pulled out a stick of dynamite before we entered the water, lighting it beforehand despite my outbursts, which made me nervous the whole trip down. he threw it, and it rolled down a underwater slope towards the crate, which was on a ledge over a chasm. boom! the dynamite went off, a smaller blast than i thought. the crate was shattered only on one side, so i swim down to it and break it open by kicking. as it falls apart, i can peer inside the darkness to see glowing eyes... there is a zombie in there! however, she is inside a cage, so she cannot do anything. ignoring her, we all gather the treasure, of which i never really look at directly. i will never be entirely sure what it was, only that it ended up in various canvas bags and whatnot.

after the ordeal, we had made our way to a local cafe, an edifice shaped like a chapel... spacious and nice inside. the seats are all red booths, and we use two or three tables. we are the only ones inside. richard had found a locked box amongst the goods and was currently absorbed in the task of opening it. we are laughing and enjoying the long day that was almost behind us when a guy shouts. he had spotted cop cars coming this way. i look out the window to see a line of them cresting a hill, traveling down the road, and pulling into the grassy field off the road, in front of the cafe. it is nice outside. i remember the colors out there being really beautiful and vivid. the grass was the freshest green i have ever seen, the sky a clear blue, even the road itself was a pristine, unworn gray. a light breeze was blowing. everyone in our crew knew what to do. richard stopped what he was doing and tossed everything away under the seats, his tinkering gone to waste. i took my bag and stuffed it under my own bench, assuming a nonchalant stance. no sooner had i done this do the police walk in. they look like constables and their eyes are hidden under the brim of their hats. they ask the fellas questions, obviously getting nowhere. the next action surprises everyone, as a picture is pulled out of a cop's pocket. he shows it around as he walks up to each of us to compare our faces to those on the picture. i sneak a look and see that it is a group picture, with the missing faces filled in via cutout pictures haphazardly arranged, some of them sideways. they then point to two of us: me and richard. we are ordered out. hiding the fear from my eyes, i am escorted outside with richard. neither of us say anything. not ratting each other out is an unspoken rule of the crew. so is not saving each other. richard whispers to me, 'i'm pretty sure this is not about the cops we got'. i am not reassured. we arrive outside, the grassy field swaying in the wind. there are others already there, sitting in a circle surrounded by armed cops. between the cops and the circle of crooks, misfits, and bandits, is another circle of guns, laid out in the grass. our hands are then bound, as are those of the ones already sitting in the grass surrounded by cops. i get a bad feeling.

richard and i sit back-to-back within the circle, waiting for our judgement. an unseen captain announces to everyone what we must do: either shoot or be shot. they force us to stand and march outward towards the guns in front of us. on their mark, we turn and fire. i am both terrified and cursing myself. richard is right behind me! why did we choose to sit that way? i look over my shoulder before i grab my gun, trying to see any kind of indication from him. will he shoot me? the unseen captain yells at me. i turn back around. i pick up the revolver. everything is starting to become light. i hear distant music on the wind. subconsciously, i know that this marks the ending of a dream, but this is never acknowledged as a dreamer. the captain yells 'ready!' i can't do it. i try to picture the outcome. i imagine people throwing down their guns. others die. do i die? as loud as i can, i yell out 'NNNOOOOO!!!!' my voice hoarse and desperate. i throw down my gun and run, looking for a tree, any cover. i fall, waiting for the bullets. the sky is gone. it has turned into a white void now. i hear gunshots, but none are aimed at me. footsteps. it is richard. he has walked up to me. he tells me that this was just a cruel test to weed out the real criminals, that there was always the option not to shoot, just that the cops were looking for those who were willing to kill to survive, that this test was a way to let them kill each other. why am i always the last to know? this is the same for real life. i almost want to laugh, but i can't. i wake.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

GAIA commission - free avatar

i recently enjoyed some generosity from a fellow Gaian, when she sent me not 1 archangels blade, but 2 for less than half the price of it's market value! seeing as i don't have a whole lot of gold to compensate, i offered to draw her avatar for free. here it is.

resized line corndog

resized corndog

i do wish, however, that i know how to color better. it didn't turn out how i wanted it, although i did head in the general direction as far as the look...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

newest GAIA work finished - a picnic in Zen Gardens

one of the first things i've noticed that people like to ask about art is "how long did it take?" Despite that, i still don't usually actively keep track of the time invested into a work. That said, i can estimate the time i put in to this personal project to be around 10-12 hours... translated from about 5 days of intermittently working on this project, including conceptualization. the characters, from doggie clockwise, are boogaloo, xgirlsound, azimuth oakes, milkisoo, and rangelus.

the second one has been filtered for a more dramatic effect. i might not have stated this before, but i'll say it now: any and all comments/feedback/suggestions are always welcome! anyone who wishes to learn something well knows that growth and learning never ends and is always opportune. i leave you with this:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

WIP time

alright, so here's the latest work-in-progress for the GAIA art series. in this work, i'm experimenting with a new signature (an artsy sign). i hope that it's not taken already and that people think it looks cool. it's on the bottom left corner.

so, a new interesting band i've found is called 'wild beasts'. their lead singer looks and sounds so wierd, but i can't stop listening to what they put out... it's great!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

more GAIA art

heres more stuff i made for clan BOOGALOO

and heres the second part of that...

im gonna add a background eventually...
anyway, this piece will serve as a reference point for these characters when i draw them doing something